Flight Training

Rod Gunther

For licensed pilots we offer the opportunity of attaining our floatplane rating, while enjoying arguably one of the most rewarding forms of aviation.

Starting with a comprehensive briefing covering all the basic aspects of float flying, we work through our training syllabus step by step, catering for each individuals requirements.

Our ambition is to produce well informed safe seaplane pilots with a sound knowledge of the environmental and commercial aspects of our industry.  The course consists of six hours in our Cessna 185 floatplane with briefings before each sortie and debrief after.

Topics covered include :

  • General knowledge
  • Seaplane preflight inspection launching
  • Water taxi-idle, step, plow
  • Normal take off and landing
  • Rough water take off and landing
  • Glassy water take off and landing
  • Cross wind take off and landing
  • Sailing
  • Docking and beaching
  • Emergency procedures
  • Seaplane maintenance

Time to complete the endorsement does depend on favourable weather but can generally be completed in 2-3 days(can be spread over longer period, depends on the individual)

Cost - $4,250.00 plus gst

Further training on advanced aspects and ICUS is available.

A floatplane endorsement is a great way to enhance your flying while enjoying the magic of taking off and landing on water. Also a float rating is a handy addition to your resume that may open up extra options for work or just for fun.

Your instructor will be Rod Gunther, who is Chief Pilot and founder of Melbourne Seaplanes.  Rod holds approval to conduct Float Alighting Gear endorsements from CASA. Trainees will receive one on one instruction and briefing to ensure each individual achieves a good understanding of all facets of float flying.

If you have further inquiries or would like to make a booking please phone Mobile: 0418 688 388 or email [email protected]

We look forward to flying with you and answering your questions.

Rod Gunther
Chief Pilot